Surgical Cotton Card

Width : 1275 mm

Breast roller with 16 stationery flats for pre opening.

Separate Drive for Flat

Double Doffer with Individual Drive

Conveyor for Web Transfer

Normal Feed Plate & Feed roll arrangement.

Web Transfer by Conveyor Belt

Sequence of Surgical Woolen Cotton Processing

a) Opening and cleaning of Raw Cotton:

Raw cotton received in bale or otherwise is opened in opener where it is loosened and simultaneously dust / foreign particles are also removed. Loosened cotton is then put into a keir where chemicals such as caustic soda, soda ash, detergent, etc. are added along with adequate water and steam boiled for about 3-4 hours. The filling the opened and cleaned cotton with more pressed Hydraulic Stamping Unit is used. The Kier process most of the natural waxes and oils are removed while remaining foreign matter get soften and disintegrated. The treated cotton is transferred to washing tanks where it is washed thoroughly.

a) Bleaching:

Washed cotton is bleached to remove brownish colour developed due to chemical treatment. Bleaching is done by using bleaching agent such as sodium-hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide. The bleaching process improves whiteness, wetting properties and assists in disintegration of any remaining foreign materials.

c) Removal of Chemicals:

The bleached cotton is thoroughly washed again to remove the chemicals. A little quantity of dilute hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid is also added to neutralize excess alkali. If, required again washed with water. The water of cotton is removed with the help of hydro-extractor. It is then sent to a wet-cotton opening machine.

d) Drying:

The cotton so obtained is dried by passing through dryer or alternatively subjected to sun drying where provision for dryer is not there.

e) Lapping:

The dried cotton is sent to blower room where it is thoroughly opened and made into laps.

f) Carding:

The laps are then fed into carding machine wherein cotton is warped around rollers in thin layers.

g) Rolling:

Cotton so obtained is compressed and rolled into suitable role size along with packaging paper.

h) Weighing and cutting:

The rolls are then weighed and cut according to required weight and sizes and labeled properly before packing in polythene sheets and heat sealed.

i) Quality Control & Specification:

This item is covered under Drug Control Act. Hence, it should be manufactured to meet its requirements.

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