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Automatic Cot Grinding Machine - ACG 600 ELProduct Code : ACG 600 EL

Fully Automatic Grinding System for grinding top rollers of any make of Ring Frame & Speed Frame. Perfect Automatic Cot Grinders All models are capable of grinding the cots at high speed maintaining the International Standards of quality with respect to surface finish and accuracy.

Fastest Cot Grinding Machine in the world

Product Highlights:

  • Output up to 600 arbours / Hr (1200 Cots / Hr)
  • Surface Finish Ra ≤ 0.5 µmm
  • Integrated measuring system
  • Integrated auto dressing of grinding stone, No Intervention of Operator
  • Easy Loading - Auto Feeding - Large Storage
  • A.C. Servo motor can position the Grinding stone with an accuracy of 0.01 mm
  • Touch screen display with graphics & fault finding indication - multi language
  • Speed of top roller is variable and set as per cot dia
  • Faster payback
  • Programmable Automatic Cleaning of Grinding stone
  • Equipped with powerful Dust Extraction System
  • Power 7.2 kW

Working Programs:

  • Grinding to Predetermined diameter
  • Grinding to a fix cut on different diameters
  • Sorting of Top Roller with Grinding / without Grinding
  • Programmable Automatic Dressing of Grinding stone

Product Inquiry

Product Inquiry