Roll Shop Maintenance Machine

Twin Head Twin Feeding Cot Grinder - TWG - TFProduct Code : TWG – TF

Universal Machine with Auto Feeding Device Controlled by PLC for all types of Ring Frame, Speed Frame Top Roller on centerless Grinding System. Long cots of Draw frames, Combers etc. up to 400 mm length with center is possible.

Product Highlights:

  • Equipped with powerful dust Extraction System
  • Centerless Grinding for R/F & S/F Cots and with Centre Grinding for D/F & Comber Cots possible
  • Provision for Taper Grinding for Comber Cots
  • Multi Point Diamond Tool for Dressing Grinding Wheel
  • Versatile Grinding Machine for any make of Cots
  • Auto Feed System allows operator to do other duties
  • Auto Feed System ensures safety to the operator
  • Specially designed Universal and Twin Head Twin feeding cot grinding machine for Centerless grinding of Ring Frame / Speed Frame top rollers
  • For Between Centre Grinding of long top rollers for Draw frame & Comber up to 400 mm length
  • Separate control of two heads and auto feeding system for grinding Ring Frame / Speed Frame top rollers
  • Ring Frame / Speed Frame top roller grinding automatic and controlled by Two Separate PLC, Two Auto feed system with two 200 mm width grinding wheel
  • High Production Rate
  • Grinding accuracy of International standards
  • Equipped with powerful Dust Extraction System
  • Power 8.3 kW

Product Inquiry

Product Inquiry